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Key Dates

Year 8 Evening - 16th March
Chess Tournament - 28th March
Music & Performing Arts Showcase - 5th April

Students break up for end of term on Friday 7th April and return on Monday 24th April.

Sixth Form

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Year 10 Prefect Selections 2017

on Tuesday, 25 April 2017 15:40.


The House Leaders are pleased to announce that the following Year 10 students have been successful in their applications as a prefect.

St. Thomas More:
Nikola Widynska, Talia Doyle, Olivia McLurg, Ewelina Antoszczak, Rebecca Wright, Aviva Khasimai, Louise Tilley, Lucy Downes Alice Ferguson, Daniel Romaniuk, Katie Laybourn, Ketan Kandola, Emily Chapman, Lauren Heckles, Jamila Ahmed, Chloe Scott Grace Gilhespy, Katie Mason, Nathan Hall, Joshua Cain.


PE Extra Curricular Timetable (Summer 17')

on Tuesday, 25 April 2017 14:52.

Please find below details of our PE Department's Summer Extra Curricular timetable.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
All Years/All Events
Table Tennis
All Years
All Years/All Events
Team Night
Y10 GCSE Catch Up
(Until 8th May)
A Level PE Revision Rounders
All Years
Y5/6 Sports Star Minis
Y11 STEP GCSE PE Y11 GCSE PE Revision GCSE Trampolining
Y9 & Y10 GCSE Only
Sports Hall

House Points

St Thomas More 69
St Anne Line 65
St John Boste 72
Bl John Ingram 50
St Margaret Clitherow 75

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